Queensland Certificate of Education


All students in year 10 will work towards the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

Eligibility for a QCE

To be eligible for a QCE, a student must be enrolled with a school and registered with the Queensland Curriculum and Assesment Authority (QCAA). For most students the QCE will be achieved over years 11 and 12. Others may not achieve it until after they finish year 12. The total amount of learning required is at least twenty credits. This reflects an amount of learning that could be reasonably achieved by most young people over a two-year, full-time program of study in the senior phase of learning.

What is a credit?

A credit is the minimum amount of learning at the set standard that can contribute to the QCE. A credit has two elements: an amount of learning and a set standard. For example, a credit for a school subject is one semester (amount of learning) at Sound Achievement (set standard) or a credit for a certificate 2 qualification is 25% (amount of learning) of the competencies (set standard). Some learning achievements will be recorded in the learning account but will not be a credit because they either do not have the required amount of learning or they do not meet the set standard. For example, a very limited achievement in a school subject does not meet the set standard to be a credit.

New flexibility

This qualification will recognize more learning options. Students can design a program of study to match their career goals. There is more flexibility in what, where and when learning occurs. Not all the learning needs to take place at school. Some learning can be with a registered training provider, in a workplace or with a community group. The list of options is in the table.

The senior statement

The senior statement is an official record of all the learning achievements in a learning account. It details: what learning was attempted, the standard achieved and, where and when the learning took place. The QCAA will issue the senior statement to young people who:

  • Have met the requirements for the Queensland Certificate of Education, or
  • Are attending a school, and have banked at least one achievement in their Learning Account, and are enrolled at a school until the prescribed date at the end of Year 12, or
  • Have completed a pattern of study which makes them OP eligible.

New laws

The QCE complements the Governments "learning or earning" laws which mean everyone will be required to complete year 10 at school and go on to complete a further two years of education and training. For more information:

Types of subjects offered at Flexi

At Flexi School students can choose QCAA registered study area specifications subjects. Authority-registered subjects are those whose work programs are designed in the school to meet the specific needs of the students at Flexi School. The subjects we offer in this category are in recognition of the diversity of interests and abilities of our students and are aimed at providing a viable, relevant and worthwhile option. These work programs will be implemented in a manner and style that develops differently from the traditional academic authority subjects that lead to students gaining an OP and tertiary entrance. The approach, whilst emphasizing the practical, will still require consistent hard work to seek excellence in the objectives that challenge them. At the end of year 12, QCAA-authority registered subjects lead to students gaining points towards their Queensland Certificate of Education. Students may choose from the following subjects:

  • English communication
  • Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways
  • Social and Community Studies

Flexi School does not offer authority registered subjects which allows students to attain an OP to gain entrance to University. Students are still eligible to sit the Queensland Core Skills Test (QCS). This will give students a rating from A to E which is often useful when applying to TAFE and to assist with an alternative pathway to university. More information is provided on the QCAA website.

VET subjects offered at Flexi

  • Certificate II Music Industry
  • Certificate II Sport and Recreation
  • Certificate II Business

Last reviewed 08 April 2019
Last updated 08 April 2019