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Principal's welcome

Welcome to Toowoomba Flexi School

Flexible, fun education geared toward individual futures


I firmly believe that education should  be fun and relaxed for all, whilst trying to achieve the best for each individual student. At Flexi we appreciate that not all students achieve at the same level and at the same time and we aim to get to know students and find out their goals for the future so we can help move them along their own individual path to their future. Flexi staff aim to focus on the 'distance travelled' by a student and endeavour to consider individual circumstances when planning and discussing future plans with students.

New experiences, New challenges, New opportunities

Many people ask, what happens at Flexi? In a nutshell, as teachers, we deliver curriculum in a relaxed environment, we get to know students well, we encourage students to try new challenges, and we discuss future goals, assisting students to make plans to achieve those goals. We are not miracle workers; we try to enjoy and appreciate what each student brings to the school and work with them to get them to where they want to be. It is the students who achieve the most amazing results.

Many students come to Flexi unmotivated and confused with no real direction. They make the most of the opportunities offered and leave confident young citizens with a real direction of what they want in life. Students who are open to new challenges will always succeed and Flexi provides the opportunities for students to start to see their real value in our community.

Have a look through our website to see what makes Flexi so great.

I hope you enjoy looking through the website and learn a little more about the Toowoomba Flexi School and appreciate not only the great staff and volunteers that it takes to keep a place like Flexi running but the great students who put in the effort and achieve.


Jo Brennan

Head of Department - Flexi School and Support Services